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Here are some of the the most common ways a record of arrest or conviction can affect you and your family

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Do I Qualify For A Criminal Record Expungement?

Oregon law only allows records of arrest and conviction to be expunged in some cases. You may qualify to have your Oregon record “sealed” or expunged if your conviction is one of the following:

Some records of conviction and arrest cannot be expunged, including:

If you think you qualify, call or email our office to set up a free consultation with an attorney that specializes in Oregon expungement cases to confirm your eligibility.

Costs And Fees

 For most expungements the total attorney fee will be $950 per item sought to be corrected. Call for fees on Reductions of charges and gun rights restorations. You will also be responsible for any court costs.

To expunge a conviction there is an additional $33 cost paid to the Oregon State Police to conduct a background check.

One half of the attorney fee is due upon retaining our services. The balance is due within 60 days of retaining our services.

There is never a fee for us to determine your eligibility. We offer free phone evaluations.

In a small number of cases, the court may require a hearing. In those cases, there may be an additional charge for the court appearance. We will advise you of the possibility of a hearing requirement during your consultation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get my record expunged?

Once we gather all of the information we need, we can prepare the petition in a matter of days and file it electronically. From there, the time it takes to process the petition and receive an answer from the Court depends on the County where the petition is filed. It seldom takes less than 90 days and can take as much as 6 months to get a record sealed. 

Can you help me anywhere in Oregon?

Yes. We are able to file your petition in any County and appear in any Court in Oregon.

Is my expungement guaranteed?

No. Even if you are eligible for an expungement the District Attorney can file an objection. The expungement statute states: “if the court determines that the circumstances and behavior of the applicant from the date of conviction, or from the date of arrest, citation or charge as the case may be, to the date of the hearing on the motion warrant setting aside the conviction, or the arrest, citation or charge record as the case may be, the court shall enter an appropriate order (setting aside the arrest and or conviction)”.

How long do I have to wait after conviction or arrest to expunge my record?

For an arrest, if there was no conviction, you may be able to petition for an expungement immediately. However in some circumstances, you may have to wait one year.

For a conviction, you have to wait at least 3 years from the date of your conviction. If you have more than one conviction, you may have to wait 10 years from the date of your most recent conviction. This is a complicated answer, and the best way to be sure about your waiting periods is to call us.