Struggling With An Arrest or Conviction On Your Record In The Portland Metro Area?

“Our Law Firm May Be Able To Get Your Criminal Record Sealed So You Can Get A Fresh Start With Your Life”

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Here are some of the the most common ways a record of arrest or conviction can affect you and your family

Don't let a prior mistake continue to hurt your career, credit or personal relationships. A Portland metro area criminal record expungement can give you a fresh start!

Do I Qualify For A Criminal Record Expungement?

Oregon law only allows records of arrest and conviction to be expunged in some cases. You may qualify to have your Portland metro area record “sealed” or expunged if your conviction is one of the following:

Some records of conviction and arrest cannot be expunged, including:

If you think you qualify, call or email our office to set up a free consultation with an attorney that specializes in Portland metro area expungement cases to confirm your eligibility.

Costs And Fees

 We charge an attorney fee of $750. You will also be responsible for any court costs.

To expunge a conviction there is an additional $265 court filing fee and a $80 cost paid to the Oregon State Police to conduct a background check. If you are expunging only an arrest, then there is no filing fee or background fee.

 All filing fees and one half of the attorney fee are due upon retaining our services. The balance is due within 60 days of retaining our services. 

There is never a fee for us to determine your eligibility. We offer free phone evaluations. 

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